Jan. 13th, 2015

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Because when you're going after treasure, it's always good to keep notes.

Today there were dragons. Well, one dragon and a bunch of little baby dragons. I don't know if those count.

Considering what darkspawn taint does to anything that eats it, I have to wonder what dragons are actually feeding on down here. Somehow I can't see it being nugs and mushrooms, and there's not enough bronto carcasses to make up the shortfall.


A Lot Later - Today shit got weird. Really, really weird. Ancient dwarves building golems older than Caridin, kind of weird. Remind me to fill in the details later, after we clear out this next hallway.


A Lot Later Plus A Little Bit - OH FUCK YOU, BARTRAND.

No, seriously. Fuck you. You might be my brother, but if I get hold of you again I'm gonna take that lyrium idol you were so happy about finding and cram it up your *INKBLOT*



- something called profanes, apparently they used to be ca*smear*

*several lines scratched out*


After That

Okay, there was a demon. Some kind of rock spirit wraith thing, but I think we all know a demon when we see one. It tried to make Hawke a deal to get us out of this stinking pit of an ancient thaig. She laughed in its face, and then she took a swing at it, a nice clean roundhouse punch. The result was the kind of violence I only wish I could adequately capture on parchment. I'm going to have to write about it properly once we get back to the surface. Because we can do that now. It's just going to take us a while, because treasure is heavy.

And there's a lot of treasure coming with us.


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