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Varric does not like being underground.

He's said this before, plenty of times. It's a known fact. He hasn't mentioned it since five minutes after they stepped into the Deep Roads (how Blondie managed to secure those Gray Warden maps of the entrance he doesn't know, but he's grateful). It would be bad form, considering how much of this expedition was his idea in the first place.

But, Maker, it's been four days now- he thinks- and they're still picking their way downwards with no sign of treasure anywhere to distract him from the knowledge of just how much stone is positioned directly over his head. This... this is not his idea of a good thing.

They'd better find the good stuff soon. This is getting way too old for his liking.

Date: 2013-11-27 02:59 am (UTC)
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Hawke seems to be faring the best, out of her friends. All of them have been on edge (Isabela in varying degrees of drunkenness, depending on what they were doing) since entering the Deep Roads. It's been quiet so far, just them and the expedition slowly plodding their way through the stone corridors.

She looks over towards Isabela, about to make some light comment to try and raise her mood, when one of the scouts comes stumbling back to the group, talking about a cave in up ahead.


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